How to Find Leap Year in Windows Store App

In this article I am going to explain how you can check to determine if a specified year is a leap year or not. This article is created as a Window Store App in C# that determines whether a year is a leap year. For implementing this application I am using a simple XAML textbox that accepts the year in the form of input and a button to implement the BL logic.

To create the app use the following intructions.

Step 1

First of all you have to create a New Window Store Application.

  • Open Visual Studio 2012
  • "File" -> "New" -> "Project..."
  • Choose "Template" -> "Visual C#" -> "Windows Store app" -> "Blank App (XAML)"
  • Rename the application


Step 2

Now the project will be opened. Go into Solution Explorer and choose "MainPage.Xaml" for designing and "MainPage.Xaml.cs" to write the business logic.


Step 3

Write the following simple code in "MainPage.Xaml":









    <Grid Background="Blue">


            <RowDefinition Height="0*"/>

            <RowDefinition Height="46*"/>

            <RowDefinition Height="73*"/>

            <RowDefinition Height="64*"/>

            <RowDefinition Height="60*"/>

            <RowDefinition Height="474*"/>



            <ColumnDefinition Width="167*"/>

            <ColumnDefinition Width="593*"/>

            <ColumnDefinition Width="606*"/>


        <TextBlock Text="Do you want to know Wether year is leap year or not " FontSize="20" FontFamily="Arial" FontWeight="ExtraBold" Foreground="Red" Grid.Column="1" Grid.Row="0" Grid.ColumnSpan="2" Grid.RowSpan="3" ></TextBlock>

        <TextBlock Text="Enter year:" FontFamily=" Arial" FontSize="20" FontWeight="ExtraBold" Grid.Column="1" Grid.Row="2" Foreground="Red" HorizontalAlignment="Left" Width="181" Margin="76,10,0,36"  />

        <TextBox x:Name="tex1" Grid.Column="1" Grid.Row="2" Width="159" HorizontalAlignment="Left" Margin="250,8,0,25" Height="10" VerticalAlignment="Top"  />

        <TextBlock Text="Year is: " FontFamily=" Arial" FontWeight="ExtraBold" FontSize="20" Grid.Column="1" Grid.Row="3" Foreground="Red" Margin="76,10,376,18" />

        <TextBlock x:Name="tex2" FontSize="20" FontWeight="ExtraBold" Grid.Column="1" Grid.Row="3" Foreground="Red" Margin="180,10,255,0" Width="158" Height="26" VerticalAlignment="Top" HorizontalAlignment="Center" RenderTransformOrigin="0.954,0.743"/>

        <Button x:Name="button1" Content="Check" Click="Button1_click" Grid.Column="1" Grid.Row="3" Background="Yellow" Foreground="Red" Margin="180,62,0,24" Width="158" Height="38" Grid.RowSpan="2"/>



Step 4

Finally write C# code in "MainPage.Xaml.cs".

using System.Linq;

using Windows.Foundation;

using Windows.Foundation.Collections;

using Windows.UI.Xaml;

using Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls;

using Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls.Primitives;
using Windows.UI.Xaml.Data;
using Windows.UI.Xaml.Input;
using Windows.UI.Xaml.Media;
using Windows.UI.Xaml.Navigation;
namespace App5
public sealed partial class MainPage : Page
public MainPage()
protected override void OnNavigatedTo(NavigationEventArgs e)
private void Button1_click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
             int y = Convert.ToInt32(tex1.Text);
             if(y % 4 == 0 && y%100!=0|| y % 400==0 )


                tex2.Text = "leap year";

                tex2.Text =
"Not leap year";

Step 5

Now Run your application.