Restrict Editing But Allow Comments For Proofreading in Word 2013

Restrict Editing but Allow comments for proofreading

My previous article Set and Remove Editing Restrictions in Word 2013 documents described how to set editing restrictions in a Word document. And now in this article I am also explaining how to set editing restrictions, but the difference is that in the previous article you can't make comments or any suggestion without any changes in the actual document. Whereas in this article you will learn how to set or block modifications to a Word document while still allowing comments for feedback.

Use the following simple instructions for making the restriction(s).

Step 1

Open the Word document that you want to set editing restrictions for.


Step 2

Click the "File Tab" and then click the "Info option" and then the "Protect Document" button to see a list of options to be selected.


Step 3

Select the "Restrict Editing" option. This will open the actual document and it will also give you an option to set editing restrictions in the "Editing Restriction" area. Here you can set formatting as well as editing restrictions on the document.


Step 4

Now check the "Allow only this type of editing document" within the Editing Restriction and choose the "comment" option in the dropdown list and then select "Everyone" in the groups.


Step 5

Now after setting the all restrictions option click the "Yes, Start Enforcing Protection" button which will display a "Start Enforcing Protection" dialog box for asking the password so no one can change the setting. Now you can either enter the password or simply leave it blank for no password protection.


Step 6

At last click the "Ok" button and you will find that your document is protected from editing.

Step 7

Now your Word document is protected from editing. It becomes a read-only document. But at the time of reading you are able to make feedback as a comment in the editing restricted document.


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