Save a Document as a Template in Word 2013

Word has default or built-in templates for use over and over again. But Word 2013 also provides the facility to save your own document as a template and use it over and over again.

That is why you have two options for using templates; they are:

  1. You can use built-in template
  2. Other save you document as a template.

To save your document as a template use the following procedure.

Step 1

Open your Word document and create text and/or insert a picture as you want for the template.


Step 2

Click on the "File" tab and choose the "Save as" option.


Step 3

Now browse to the location that you want to save your document to.


Step 4

Once you select the location to save the document then use the save as type drop down menu to choose a template type. You have a choice of three types to choose from; they are:

  1. Word template: This allows saving your document as a Word 2007/10/13 template which supports the new Office features (like .dotx)
  2. Word Macro Enable Template: This type allows use of macros in the template.
  3. Word 97-2003 Template: This allow you to save your document as an older version of a Word template.


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