Shrink and Grow Buttons in Word 2013

Shrink and Grow Buttons

Microsoft Word 2013 provides one of the most important features that allow you to change the font size using the Shrink and Grow buttons. The Grow and Shrink buttons are available within the Home tab in Word 2013 and are used to increase and decrease the font size of your Word document.

Shrink button: It is used to reduce the font size.

Grow button: It is used to increase the font size.

Use the following steps to use the Grow and Shrink Buttons.

Step 1

Write some simple text in your Word document or use "=Rand()" to provide simple text.


Step 2

Select the text that you want to change the font size for.


Step 3

Click on the "Home" tab and choose the "Grow" button to increase the font and "Shrink" button to decrease the font size.



Note:  Now you can see the effect in your Word document.

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