Use Chronological Resume Template in Word 2013

A chronological resume contains all your career history. It is a special type of resume which focuses on your work history. This resume contains the information about your current job and continues in reverse order. This type of resume is very helpful, especially for employers to choose a candidate according to the work they have done.

A chronological resume is good for a person who:

  • Has a solid and very strong career
  • Has a regular work history
  • And they have a long working history in their related field

Word 2013 will help you to create your chronological resume by providing the chronological resume template.

Step 1

Go to the "File tab" and choose the "New" option:


Step 2

Search for "Chronological resume" within the online templates search.


Step 3

Several resumes will be shown, choose the one that you like.


Step 4

After selecting your desired resume click on the Create button.


Note : In a chronological resume template, some parts are automatically filled in by Microsoft Word 2013, which help you to complete the template easily.


A chronological resume has four major parts.

Header: Contains your full information including your name.

Professional Summary part: Contains job title.

Experience: This part contains your job history.

Education: Contains your entire educational background.

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