Windows 8 and Windows 7 History in Recent Places

This article describes Windows 8 and Windows 7 History in Recent Places.

Windows 8 and Windows 7 History in Recent Places

The Resent Places folder is quite useful in Windows 8 and Windows 7 because it maintains the lists of all folders that the user has visited in the past. Or in other words we can say it is similar to a Recent History that most third-party tools offer. That is why the Recent Places is a very simple way for displaying the last visited place very accurately.

To see the recently visited folder do the following steps.

Step 1

Start your Windows 8 installed system.


Step 2

Open My Computer by double-clicking on the "My Computer" icon, as in:


Step 3

Find "Recent places" listed under the Favorites on the left sidebar in Windows Explorer. And double-click on the "Recent places" folder, then you will see the contents of the Recent places folder but in an unsorted order.


: Most users prefer to see it by date and time. So to see in this order, Right-click on Windows Explorer, select Sort By and Click Date Modified. Right now you can visit Recently opened very comfortably.