How to Disable Auto-Termination Of Applications in Windows 8

In this article I have described how to disable Auto-Termination of Applications in Windows 8 that blocks Windows 8 Shutdown.


As we already know Windows 8 has an auto-quit applications feature that looks for all active console & GUI-based applications at system shutdown and restart and forcibly closes them. Using the Local Group Policy Editor (which is a Microsoft Management Console snap-in) any user belonging to the Administrators group can disable auto-termination of programs at system shutdown. It is noticeable that the shutdown policy also deals with those applications which can forcibly suspend or postpone the Windows shutdown process until their tasks are terminated.

NOTE - Before starting the process we have to be logged in as an Administrator or have the required administrative rights to open and change local policies.

Steps for Disabling Auto-Termination Of Applications in Windows 8

Step 1 

First of all we have to go to the start window screen in Windows 8.

start-window-in-windows 8.jpg

Step 2

Then move cursor on the bottom-right of the window screen and click the search box which is helpful for searching in Windows 8.


Step 3

Then in the search box type "gpedit.msc" and click on Apps from the right sidebar then click gpedit.msc in the main window.

search-box-in-windows 8.jpg

Step 4

Once the Local Group Policy is opened then use the following:

Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System

policy-editor-in-windows 8.jpg

Step 5

Then under System click on Shutdown Options:

shutdown-option-in-windows 8.jpg

Step 6

Then under Shutdown Options just double-click Turn off automatic termination of applications that block or cancel shutdown policy setting or a single click on policy setting.

turnoff-application-in-windows 8.jpg

Step 7

When you click on policy setting a dialog box named with Turn off automatic termination of applications that block or cancel shutdown policy setting will appear.

termination-of-application-in-windows 8.jpg

Step 8

Now select the Enabled option from the top and then click Apply followed by OK.

enable-termination-of-application-in-windows 8.jpg

Step 9

Now close the Local Group Policy Editor and bring up the Windows Run console using the Win+R hotkey combination.

run-dialog-box-in-windows 8.jpg

Step 10

Then Just type gpupdate /force and hit Enter to forcibly update the local group policy.

run-dialogbox-in-windows 8.jpg