How to Flip an Image Using Paint in Windows 8


In this article, we will learn a very simple way to flip or rotate an image in our PC running the Windows 8 operating system. This simple task is done using the Microsoft Paint Accessory provided with Windows 8. However sometimes for dynamic representation of an image, it is necessary to flip or rotate an image either horizontally or vertically during the uploading of the image. Moreover, the Windows 8 Paint Accessory allows us to rotate the image both clockwise and counter-clockwise at 90 degrees or 180 degrees simultaneously.
In this article are instructions including screenshots that show how to perform flip and rotation.

Steps to perform flip and rotation of an image

Step 1
First of all, we have to move on the "Start" window screen in Windows 8, as in:
Step 2
Then click on the Desktop icon in the Windows 8 Start screen.
start-desktop-in-windows 8.jpg
Step 3
Then right-click on the image you want to open and select "open with" Paint; see:
select-image-in-windows 8.jpg
Step 4
When you open the image with Paint it looks as in the following:
paint-in-windows 8.jpg
The image opens with Microsoft Paint.
Step 5
Now as we will see, we have the rotate option; click on it and see list of drop-down options to rotate and flip with 90 and 180 degrees, as in:
rotate-image-in-windows 8.jpg
Step 6
Let us see what happens when we click on "Rotate 180" degrees, which turns the image counterclockwise by 180 degrees; see:
rotate-image-by-180-in-windows 8.jpg
Both clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation is possible by selecting either the right or left direction.
Step 7
Now to flip an image for this we have to click on the rotate tab but select "Flip the picture or selection vertically." as in the following screenshot.
flip-image-in-windows 8.jpg
We can say Flip image is similar to a mirror image either horizontally or vertically.


In this article, we learned about How to Flip an Image Using Paint in Windows 8.   

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