How to Take an Ownership on Windows 8


Windows 8 provides many more features that make Windows 8 more attractive and easier to use than the earlier versions of the Windows operating system. It is well known that to replace a System file, rename a system folder or a folder under the root C drive, we usuallymust take ownership of the file or folder. So there is a special method to take full ownership of files & folders in Windows 8. However, it is pretty much the same as what we saw in the previous versions of Windows.

So this article is dedicated to learning how to take full ownership of files & folders in Windows 8 with the help of some screenshots.

How to take ownership of Windows 8?

Step 1. First of all, we have to move to the Start screen window of Windows 8.


Step 2. Then move the cursor on the bottom-right of the window screen and click the "search-box" which is helpful to search in Windows 8.


Step 3. Then in the search box type "desktop" and click on Apps from the right sidebar then click "Desktop" in the main window.


Step 4. Now just right-click on the file or folder and go to the "Properties" Window.


Step 5. Then under the "Security" tab click on the "Advanced" Tab in the "Properties" window.


Step 6. On clicking the Advanced tab we will see in the above screenshot, we don't have permission to change it. Then we have to Take Ownership of the file or folder. To do so click on "Change".


Step 7. In these windows, we have to enter the object name. Then click on "Replace owner on sub-containers and object" and click "Apply".


Step 8. Once we click on Apply, we'll see this warning message. Click on "Yes" to proceed.


Step 9. Now we will need to click "OK" twice.


Step 10. Next, click on "Advanced". We will see a change and we will see the option to add "Multiple Objects".

Multiple Objects

Step 11. To add multiple objects and to inherit permission you can click on "Change Permissions".

Change Permissions


In this article, we learned about How to Take an Ownership on Windows 8.

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