How to Turn Off Windows Store Application In Windows 8


Windows Store is the new-to-Windows notion which is designed to hold many Windows 8 applications. As we know that just like the other app stores Windows Store also features both free and paid apps. If you want to temporarily disable Windows Store for all user account holders on your computer for security purposes then we can do that. So in this article we will discuss how to disable the Windows Store application.

Steps for disabling the Windows Store application.

Step 1

First of all we have to move the cursor to bottom-right of the window screen and click the search box which helps to search in Windows 8.


Step 2

Then in the search box type "gpedit.msc" and click on Apps from the right sidebar then click gpedit.msc in the main window.

search-box-in-windows 8.jpg

Step 3

When we click on gpedit.msc in the main window the Local Group Policy Editor will open as follows:

policy-editor-in-windows 8.jpg

Step 4

Once the Local Group Policy is opened then use the following:

User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Store

store-in-windows 8.jpg

Step 5

When you click on Store the dialog box with the settings options is shown, then double-click Turn off Store application.

turnoff-store-in-windows 8.jpg

Step 6

When you click on Turn off Store application a dialog box of Turn off Store application will appear. On which at the top, there are Not Configured, Enabled and Disabled options available.

Turn-off-Store-application-in-windows 8.jpg

Step 7

Then to turn off the Windows Store application just select Enabled from the list and click OK.

enable-turn-off-store-in-windows 8.jpg


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