Remove Multiple App Tiles From Windows 8 Start Screen


According to our needs, we can put or remove various Metro App Tiles from the Windows 8 Start Screen. If there are junk tiles in the Windows 8 Start Screen which are not necessary from our point of view, then we can remove such unwanted app tiles from our Windows 8 Start Screen.
For this purpose, we have to follow just three simple steps.
Step 1
First of all we have to click on the Start app in the Windows 8 Start Screen.
Step 2
When you click on Start, the multiple Metro App Tiles are shown in Windows 8 Start Screen. Select the unwanted App Tiles by pressing the Ctrl key and click the unwanted tiles.
select-app-tiles-in-windows 8.jpg
We can hit the escape key to remove all selections or we can right-click an app again, while still holding the Ctrl key to unselect that one app tile.
Step 3
When we select several apps, the two options are shown on the horizontal bar i.e. at the bottom of the screen. Click Unpin from Start to remove the selected tiles and click Clear selection to unselect all apps.


In this article, we learned about Remove Multiple App Tiles From Windows 8 Start Screen.