Change the Welcome Page For SharePoint Site

In this article I would like to share the procedure to change the SharePoint site Welcome Page.

The Welcome Page in a SharePoint site

  • The Welcome Page defines the page that is loaded when a user navigates to the site.
  • By default a SharePoint team site has a Home.aspx page as a Welcome Page.

Procedure to change the Welcome Page

To change the Welcome Page of a site, do the following.

Step 1

Go to your site and click on the setting menu to navigate to site settings menu.

site settings menu in share point

Step 2

On the site settings page click on the “Welcome Page” under the Look and Feel section.


By default the “Welcome Page” option is not available under the look and feel section. We should activate the “SharePoint server publishing feature” in the site.

welcome page in share point

Step 3

Then provide your URL on the text box if you know, else click Browse to find the Welcome Page that you want to use for the site and then double-click the item to select it.

site well come page

Then click on the “Insert” button as shown in the following:

insert button share point

Step 4

Finally click the “OK” button to set the Welcome Page.

set the welcome page


In this article we explored how to change the Welcome Page in a SharePoint site.