Change User SIP Address In SharePoint Online

Steps for changing the SIP address

Step 1: Go to SharePoint admin center.

SharePoint online admin center

Step 2: Then click on the user profiles from the left menu.

User Profiles

Step 3: Under user profiles settings page, select Manage User Profile as in the following screenshot:

manage User profile

Step 4: On manage the user profiles Page, you can find the user using search box. You can do this for changing the sip address of a particular user,

Enter the User name in the Text box and click on the Find button.

Enter the User name

Step 5: Click the drop down from user name and select Edit My profile as in the following screenshot:

Click the drop down

Step 6: On the Edit My Profile page, change the SIP Address and click on the save icon for saving the changes.

sip address

Finally, sip address will be updated successfully.


In this article we have explored how to change the SIP address in SharePoint online user profile.