Create Managed Search Property In SharePoint Online

In this article I will show the steps to create managed search property.

  • Managed properties are used in search verticals.

  • In SharePoint 2013, when you create the site column, the managed property will create automatically.

  • Using Managed property we will show the search results in content search web part and can use it for filtering, reporting, and/or refining.

  • You can create managed property at the SSA level and site collection levels.

Steps to Create Managed Property

Here are the steps to create a property:

Step 1: Go to you SharePoint Site.

SharePoint Site

Step 2: Then click the gear menu and select the site settings as in the following screenshot:

site settings

Step 3: On the site settings page select the “Search Schema” from site collection administration section.

Search Schema

Step 4: Click on the “New Managed Property” from the Site Collection Administration – Managed Properties page, you will able to create new property in site collection level

New Managed Property

Step 5: Then provide property name and description, etc as shown in the following screenshot:

provide property name

Step 6: Then map the crawled property with manage property using Add a Mapping button,

add mapping button

And click OK to save the managed property.

click Ok
Finally New managed property will be created successfully in your site collection.



In this article we explored the use of managed property and created a new managed search property in SharePoint 2013 Online.