Delete a Document From SharePoint Document Library

In this article I would like to share the procedure to delete a document in SharePoint Document Library.

Deleting a document

Use the following procedure to delete a document in Document Library that you have created.

Step 1

Check on the document that you want to delete in your library as shown below:

delete a document in sharepoint
Step 2

Click on "Files" in the top ribbon bar as shown below:

ribbon bar in share point

Step 3

On the ribbon there will be an option to delete the checked document. Then click on “Delete document” from the ribbon that will show an alert message, then click "Ok" to confirm your action.

Delete document option in sharepoint

Step 4

When you click "Ok" the document will be deleted from your library.

document deleted in sharepoint

In this article we have explored how to delete a document from a SharePoint Document Library.