Follow the Document in SharePoint Document Library In SharePoint Online

In this article I would like to share the procedure to follow a document in a Document Library on SharePoint Online.

Follow a Shared Document

When someone shares a document with you, consider following it so that you can find it again quickly in your list of followed documents. In many cases, you get an email when someone shares a document with you. In the email, you can select a Follow link to start following the document.

Procedure to follow the document

Use the following procedure to follow the document.

Step 1

Open your Document Library.

sample library in sharepoint

Step 2

Then click on the context (…) menu as shown below:

tamplat in share point

Step 3

When you click on the context menu, you will get the preview of document with Edit, Share, Follow options as shown below:

tamplat document in share point.jpg

Step 4

Then click the “Follow” on the pop-up to follow the document.

follow option in sharepoint

Finally you will be following the document.

followed document in sharepoint


In this article we explored how to follow a document in a SharePoint Document Library.