Generate Bar Code For Document in SharePoint Document Library

Here are the 8 steps to generate barcode for SharePoint document library in OOB features. You don't need to code for generating bar code. Let's start with the steps.

Steps to generate the bar code

The following are the steps for generating bar code.

Step 1: Go to SharePoint site and open the document library as in the following screenshot:

Figure 1: Sharepoint site

Step 2: Then click on the LIBRARY from ribbon bar and select the Library Settings, you will be navigated to library settings page.

Figure 2: Select LibrAry

Step 3: Under library settings, select “Information Management Policy Settings” to enable the bar code.

Figure 3: Library setting

Step 4: Click on the Document from “Information Management Policy settings Page” as in the following screenshot and you will be navigated to Edit policy page.

Figure 4: Document Form

Step 5: On the Edit policy settings page, you have multiple options for the document library. Check the Enable Barcodes checkbox and click OK to save the changes.

Figure 5: Edit Policy

Step 6: Go to the document library and upload the document, since you can’t find the bar code for that you need to change the view to show the bar code.

Figure 6: Document Librery

Step 7: go the list view and check the Barcode and Barcode Value in view and click save.

Figure 7: Barcode

Step 8: Finally you will be get the bar code for your document.

Figure 8: Bar code


In this article we explored how to generate the bar code for the documents in SharePoint document library.