Bing Travel App in Windows 8


Microsoft has launched Windows 8 Release Preview. Windows 8 Release Preview is available with  many enhancements packed in it, including a new set of applications from Bing, namely News, Sports, and Travel.
In this article, we are going to see the Bing travel app of Windows 8 Release Preview. The new Travel app from Bing has been designed to provide the capability to the users to explore over 2,000 destinations, from all over the world. It features the same layout and design as the other two new apps. It brings rich resources to the user, including in-depth articles, attraction information, maps, and weather conditions, as well as photos of the selected destinations.
Moreover, it can also deliver info on flights for specified places, along with hotel details and the possibility to make reservations.
In this app, there are four options at the top of the app bar.
The Home section shows you Featured Destinations Panoramas and articles. It showcases a handful of beautiful travel destinations — Machu Picchu, Tokyo, Venice, and so on with links. When clicking on the link of a particular destination you will see the full information of the destination.
You will see nice-looking, full-screen photos with navigation from one image to another.
You can also view in full screens the panoramas with scrolling in 360°.
When you click a particular article, it will show it as in newspapers or magazines, with multiple columns as the same as in Bing news.
This apps provides a feature to see the destination areas by region. You select a particular region from a dropdown list like Asia, Africa, Caribbean, Europe, etc. and it will show you the featured destination of that region. By default, it will show you all the top tips. It also provides the ability to sort based on name and popularity at the bottom of the app. You can this feature by right-clicking on the window.
Each destination has a link. It gives all the details related to that hotel. It includes an overview of the destination like Introduction, Photos, Panorama, Attractions, Hotel, Weather and even currency conversion if it's a foreign country.
You can also get an overview of attractions, hotels, restaurants and of course. All of these are linkable. When you click on these it will show complete information about the attraction on one page.
You can also search for flights within this app. The flight's option at the top of the app bar enables you to search for flights by filling in some of the information like source and destination, departures and returns, etc. This section also shows the panoramas of some of the airports.
It will give all the possible flights with their prices, airline information and with the timings.
This app also provides a feature of searching hotels. The hotel's option at top of the app bar enables you to search for hotels from the world by providing some of the information like city, check-in, and check-out, etc. This section also shows you the panoramas of some of the best hotels in the world.
It will give all the possible hotel information with their prices and names within the city.
You can also see the overview of particular hotels by clicking on the hotel's image. You can book hotels online through Expedia.
The last option of this app is Best of Web which is available at the top of the app bar. It provides the details of the best and most popular travel companies such as Expedia,, India Travel, etc.


In this article, we learned about Bing Travel App in Windows 8. 

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