Change Rows of Tiles in the Windows 8 Start Screen


Windows 8 is now released with an amazing UI. Windows 8 has a new Start Screen that shows your application in tiles form. All the applications installed in your PC are displayed as tiles on the Windows 8 Start Screen. You can easily switch to the Start Screen from the Desktop by pressing the Windows key from the keyboard.
If you have experienced Windows 8, then you have noticed that the Start Screen displays the tiles in multiple rows. By default, the number of rows for the tiles is fully dependent on the screen resolution or window size that fits on your Windows Screen. But sometimes the user wants to display a specific number of rows of tiles on the Start Screen that is not dependent on the screen size.
So, in this article, we learn how to display a  specified number of rows of tiles by changing the default setting of tiles that displays on the Windows 8 Start Screen. For this, we have to work in the registry.
Here is the procedure to be followed.
Step 1
Go to the Desktop Screen by pressing the Win key.
Step 2
Go running by pressing Win+R key from the keyboard. Type regedit.exe in the Open edit box and click OK.
Step 3 
The Registry Editor window is opened.
Go to the following path from the left pane of the window:
Step 4
Right-click on Grid and select New. Then click on the DWORD (32-bit) Value. 
Step 5
The preceding step will create a new value. Rename the value with Layout_MaximumRowCount from the right pane.
Step 6
Now right-click on the new value and select Modify to edit it.
Step 7
Enter the desired number of rows in the Value data edit box and select Decimal as the base. Click Ok.
Step 8
Now close the Registry Editor window by pressing the Alt+F4 key.
Step 9
To see the effect you must Restart the computer system. 
Step 10
When the PC has restarted, you will see that the number of rows of tiles has been changed on the Start Screen as you defined earlier.


In this article, we learned about Change Rows of Tiles in the Windows 8 Start Screen.