Show Start Menu in Windows 8


In Windows 8 there is no Start Menu button on the desktop. The Start button has been removed from Windows 8. But sometimes the user wants it back with the classic style Start Menu.
In Windows 8 you can restore the functionality of the classic Start Menu that exists in Windows 7 and previous versions. In my previous article, we saw how the user can create a new toolbar in the taskbar that displays all the programs when clicked, like the Start button in Windows 8.
Now, we will discuss the creation of a classic Start Menu in Windows 8 like in Windows 7 with the help of the 7stacks program. You need to download a program named 7stacks that gives you the functionality of a list of stacks on the taskbar that looks like the Windows 7 classic menu.
You can download 7stacks from the following link:

Steps to do to make a classic menu in Windows 8 using the 7stacks program.

Step 1
Download the 7stack program and unzip the folder.

Step 2
Right-click on the 7stacksSetup15b2.exe file and select Run as Administrator to install the program.
Step 3
Follow the instructions that appear during the installation.
Step 4
In the Select Additional Tasks window check, the icon Create a desktop icon check box. It will create a shortcut on the desktop.
Step 5
When programs start, it displays a window with many formatting options.
Step 6
Click on the right side of the folder to select the folder that the stack uses to display.
Step 7
In the browse dialog box go to the following directory. Then, click Ok.
Step 8
You can also give the title of the stack from the Caption option in the window and also select the type of the stack to be displayed on the taskbar from the Stack Type dropdown list. I choose the Menu option but you can choose another.
Step 9
Then, select the icon for the shortcut from the Icon option to be displayed on the taskbar.
Step 10
You can also set the size of the icon and font size of the icon displayed in the taskbar from the slider options.
Step 11 
Leave the other options with their default values. Click the Create Shortcut on the Desktop button from the bottom of the window.
It displays a message that the stack was successfully created. Click Close.
Now, the shortcut will appear on your desktop screen.
Step 12
Then, right-click on the shortcut from the desktop and select "Pin to Taskbar".
Step 13
Now, your classic Start Menu is ready to use. When you click on the shortcut from the Taskbar, it will display a classic-style Start Menu.


In this article, we learned about Show Start Menu in Windows 8.