First Look at Excel 2013

Microsoft has launched a new version of Microsoft Office for tablets and other types of touch screen devices. Office 2013 has many more great and exciting applications, and has an extensive user interface. It is designed with more exciting features like Flash Fill and Quick Analysis.


A new type of template screen will be introduced in Excel 2013. The first time when the user opens the new Excel, he/she will be faced with a new flash screen that displays a series of new templates. The user can use these types of templates as they need.

You can also choose a blank template style which is an empty document. It offers templates from both a local store and the cloud template library. All the templates are stored on the internet and downlodes from there when the user requests them. You can also search for new templates online.

The user can search for a new template by entering a keyword related to the templates and also searched by categories. This is a very helpful feature to create various types of documents depending on our needs. Some of the default templates that the user will see when they open it are Blank Workbook, Billing Statement, Expense Report etc.


The biggest change is that many more templates are available as 16:9 aspect ratio slides, which makes them better suited to today's modern laptop screens. The user interface of the Excel sheet looks better like the Metro style of Windows 8 and can work on PC or touch teblets.


The new Excel provides a new facility to share your documents on the social network. So, you can share your entire Excel sheet or part of sheet on your social networking sites. This is the cool feature of share in Excel 2013.


Excel 2013 will also come with interactive charts and embeds like Google Docs, and allow users to run JavaScript for the chart which would allow you to embed your charts on Websites.

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