Format Worksheet using Quick Analysis Tool in Excel 2013

Microsoft has launched new Office 2012. We have already looked at the major design changes to the Office 2013 suite.
So, Today we'll quickly run down the most interesting new additions to the Excel 2013. In this article we will see that how you can formatting your excel sheet using quick anaylsis tool that I can explined earleir.
When you select a range of data in a Excel sheet, this feature popup a button that contains some buttons to format your sheet and you can pick from a set of recommended analytic actions on the data.
Here we take an examples to show you how to use Quick analysis tool to format you sheet.
Suppose you have a duplicate values in your table and you want to see what are duplicate values in table, then Quick analysis provide you a feature to trace duplicate values in sheet.
Similarly you can also get unique values from the table. In the formatting bar there is option of getting unique values from the table.?
Suppose you have a table that contains the salary of employee and you want to get those employees whose salary is greater some values. then, another formatting option is to highlight cells with a value larger than a given value with a specific color to draw attention to values.


Under the options in the quick analysis, for example, you can choose to add data bars to value columns to emphasize their relative size, and add color scales to highlight values in specific ranges.

You can also clear the format selection in excel sheet that you done before. Clear Format option lets you to clear all formats that you are applied.