Get Excel Sheet Everywhere Using Cloud Services in Excel 2013

As you all know, Microsoft has lanuched Office 2013 with great new features. In this artilce we are discussing the extensive new features of Excel 2013. Excel is a powerful application to analyize data. The Excel 2013 comes with various new features such as a new Flash fill and Quick analysis features that make it possible to analyse data faster and easier.
Today we are talking about the new feature of Excel 2013 that enables you to get your Excel sheet everywhere you want to.
Now, the Open dialog is merged with many other places that Excel worksheets can be opened from. You can use any of these according to your need. The Recent tab allows you to open an Excel sheet from whatever recent places that you have stored to earlier.
In Excel 2013 Microsfot has provided a brand new feature of online saving and open the Excel document using Live ID or Microsoft SkyDrive. Now you can save your Excel sheet in both online and offine storage places. You can either open files from your system or your personal SkyDrive.

In Excel 2013 you are able to get your Excel Worksheet from everywhere and also on any device type you are used such as tablet, labtop or computer system. You need not to store data on the standlone machine. You can open a Workbook using SkyDrive, your local computer, and O365 services with enhancements to the Excel Web App and embedding capabilities.
Furthermore, you can also add a new place option that allows you to specify other SkyDrive and SharePoint locations, so that Excel documents are accessible from anywhere you like.

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