Quick Analysis Feature in Excel 2013

Microsoft has launched the new Office 2013. Here we are talking about some new Excel 2013 features. In Excel, Flash Fill makes it easier to automate filling out columns. Quick Analysis allows you to hover over data and get suggestions for the best way of formatting the information in tables and charts.

With the modern feel and easy navigation experience acknowledged, cloud-based services using Microsoft SharePoint and SkyDrive. Excel 2013 provides us an easy way to organise data in a simplified manner and it also has a great user interface experience. Excel 2013 comes with a new design and modern splash screen that loads faster.

In this article we will try to discover the new features in Microsoft Excel 2013. We will discuss the new features of Quick Analysis that allow us to organize and analyze data easily. It has a new powerful user interface tool with a set of analysis features that provides access to data analysis features. This includes formulas, conditional formatting, Sparklines, tables, charts, and PivotTables. We can use any of these features by clicking on them and the result is reflected on your screen immediately. It gives us a shortcut to data analysis.

Here we take an example to show the Quick Analysis tool feature in Excel 2013.

Step 1: Open the Microsoft Excel 2013 Preview.


Step 2: Open a new Workbook.


Step 3: Here we create a data table.


Step 4: After creating the table, select the table. You will be shown a popup button at the bottom-left side. Click on the Quick Analysis button.


Step 5: You will be shown a toolbar with many data analysis features. Select anyone and use it. Here we are creating a chart on the selected data.


Step 6: Select the type of the chart you want to create or you can also click on more chart options to get a list of all charts in Excel 2013.

Step 7: After selecting the charts you wil see that it appears on your Excel sheet.


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