How to Open and Edit an Object Repository in Testing

How to create a new shared object repository

To open the Object Repository Manager, click the New button or choose File > New. A new object repository opens. Objects can be added to it using the Objects > Add Objects option in the menu bar:


How to save a shared object repository
  1. Put the object repository you want to save in the active screen.

  2. Click on the save button or choose File > Save. If the file has already been saved then the change is saved. The save shared Object Repository dialog box opens if the file has not been saved.


  3. Save the Object Repository in the folder in which you want to save it. Enter a name of the object repository in the File Name box.


  4. Click on OK or Save. The Object Repository will be saved with a .tsr extension in the specified folder and the Object Repository name and path is displayed in the title bar of the repository window.

To open an object repository
  1. In the Object Repository Manager click on the open button or select File > Open. The Open Shared Object Repository dialog box opens.

  2. In the sidebar, select the location of the OR file, eg. Quality Center Test Resources or File system. Browse to and select the object repository file you want to open, then click open to open the particular Object Repository.


The Object Repository opens in read-only mode by default. And by clearing the open in read-only mode check box we can open it in editable format.

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