Scheduling SSIS Package Using SQL Server Agent

Step 1:  Set your SSIS packages properties as:

Go to Security tab and then Set 

ProtectionLevel : EncryptSensitiveWithPassword

PackagePassword : xyz (any password you like )

Step 2: Build your  SSIS Project

Step 3: Login into SQL Server Integration Services

Step 4:  Go to MSDB folder 

Step 5:  Right Click on MSDB folder and then New Folder and give the name say SSISPackage and then right click on SSISPackage and then Select Import Package.

Step 6: Select Package Location: File System and then Broswe your package by clicking ellipse button in front of Package Path.


Step 7: Select Protection Level as:  Encrypt sensitive data with password and then enter your package password (temp which we already set in our package).


Step 8: Click Ok. Then again enter your package password (temp) which we entered in the previous step.

Step 9: Log in to Sql Server Management Studio and Select Database Engine

Step 10: Go to Sql Server Agent and then Right Click on Job and Select New Job.

Step 11: In General tab : Give a name to your Job say ScheduleSSIS and give any description (optional) 


Step 12:  Go to Steps tab and then click New. Settings
  • Step Name say as Step1.                 
  • Select SQL Server Integration Services Package in Type 
  • Run as: SQL Server Agent Service Account.
  • Package Source : SQL server
  • Server : IP or Server Name
  • Windows or SQL Server Authentication of the SQL Server where we have stored our SSIS Packages
  • Click ellipse button in front of Package and then Select your SSIS Package you want to schedule.

Step 13: Select Your Package and then click ok and then enter the package password.

Step 14: Go to Schedule tab and then click New and give a name to Schedule such as Schedule1 and Schedule Type: Recurring and the rest of the setting as per your requirement and last click OK.


Your SSIS Package has been successfully scheduled.

All queries are welcome !!!

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