Create Dashboard Pages Using PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer in SharePoint 2013


PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer is a tool that you can use to create dashboards, scorecards and reports and publish them to a SharePoint site. Dashboard Designer is part of PerformancePoint Services in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013.

Dashboard Designer helps you build a dashboard that contains a single, consistent and visible view of your business. You can use this tool to provide business intelligence (BI) to the people in your organization so that they can make informed business decisions. By using Dashboard Designer, you can create reports and scorecards that display important metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) that will help you measure and track performance in your organization.

Dashboard Reports

The following are some key elements to a good dashboard:

  1. Simple, communicates easily
  2. Minimum of distractions that could cause confusion
  3. Supports an organized business with meaning and useful data
  4. Applies human visual perception to visual presentation of information

In management information system a dashboard is "An easy to read, often single page, real-time user interface, showing a graphical presentation of the current status (snapshot) and historical trends of an organization's key performance indicators (KPIs) to enable instantaneous and informed decisions to be made at a glance".

Create a simple Dashboard Reports

Open the PerformancePoint Content as in the following:

In the Dashboard designer (please refer to my article for how to create reports using PerformancePoint right-click on "PerformancePoint Content" then select "New" => "Dashboard".

Please select the one that satisfies your requirements of how many columns and rows you need .We have the option to edit this.

Here we selected the last option and will display three reports in the Dashboard.

Drag and drop the reports from the right side that you need to display in the Dashboard.

Here we dragged three reports

Next we need to deploy this Dashboard to the SharePoint site. Right-click on the Dashboard report and here we have the option to Deploy to SharePoint.

Please specify the folder and master page here.

Yes! Our first Dashboard report is working fine!



In this article we explored how to create a Dashboard Report using PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer in SharePoint 2013.