Working With Wireframes

Understanding client’s correct project requirements as well as creative graphics requirements, based on FSD or any other scope of work documents and creating design layouts, is very painful job for the project manager and UI Design team.

There is always a huge difference in what client need and what team understands, and once clients suggest changes it’s a nightmare for the project manager to deal with the timeline of the project, also it’s very hectic job for the UI team to recreate or adjust the design layouts.

Today, in this article we will learn what are wireframes? Tools for creating Wireframes, and how to create wireframes?

What is Wireframe

Wireframe is a blueprint of your website it is a visualization tool, using that we can create a basic layout of fully functionally working website and its modules.

Nowadays wireframe is very important part of website screen design process. Once you create a mokeups and present it to your client, client can visualize his ideas and suggest changes and we can eliminate the conflict at the prior stage.

This way we can save time of UI Designers and Project Manager.

Choosing Tools / Software for creating Wireframes

Making a wireframe is fast and easy process. Even client and you with more ideas and wider picture of the complete project can discover the best solution. The following are some tools and software link which you can use to create basic mockups. 

And many more, you can just google it out. 

How to create your first mockup using balsamiq mockups?

Creating a wireframe is very easy, you can create website, desktop app, mobile iPad and Tablet’s app wireframe easily. Balsamiq ready to use controls library have more then 70 controls available, you just need to drag and drop, link with each other and that’s it. Once done you can easily import to PDF or PNG.

Let’s create a Login Page.

This interface is similar to Visual Studio, just drag and drop controls you want to use in wireframe, here we are going to select container, then browser first, and then select 2 labels and 2 textboxes for User Id and Password.

Basic formatting and your mockup looks like the following image. You can linkup your wireframes using the properties. Once done you can save and import to PDF or PNG 
So let's start with Wireframes and impress your client. Hope you liked this article.  


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