Display Data In Webgrid and Delete Multiple Rows Using Checkboxes in MVC 5 Application

In this article, I explain how to display data In a Webgrid and delete multiple rows using Checkboxes in a MVC 5 Application.

Create new Project

Go to "File" -> "New" -> "Project..." then select ASP.Net web application (with .NET Framework 4.5) then enter an Application Name then click OK then select Empty MVC Template then click OK.

Create Table

Create Table

Add an Entity Data model.

In previous articles I explained how to add an entity data model.

Add a new controller

Go to Solution Explorer then right-click on the Controllers folder then Add > MVC5 Controller- Empty then enter Controller name Home then select Add.

Add a new action to your controller to display data in WebGrid.

Here I have added a "List" Action into the "Home" Controller. Provide this following code.

Add a new controller

Add view for the list action

Right-click on the Action Method (here right-click on form action) > Add View...

Add view for the list action

Rebuild solution before add view.

Write the following code into the List view.

code into List view

Add another action in to your controller to delete multiple rows at once.

Here I have added a "Delete" Action into the "Home" Controller.

Provide the following code.


Run the application (CTTL + F5).

Run application