Insert, Update and Delete Data in MVC5 Using Entity Framework

In this article you will learn how to insert, update and delete data in MVC5 using Entity Framework.

Here we use Entity Framework 6 with MVC5.

  • First here is our SQL table:

    SQL Table

  • So for this tutorial first we will create a new empty MVC application. In this we will add an ADO.Net entity data model to the Model as in the following:

    new model

  • Select "EF Designer from database".

    EF designer from database

  • Then select Server name and Database name.

     servername databasen

  • Select the Yes radio button and click on "Next".

    yes radio button

  • Select "Entity Framework 6.x".

     entity framework

  • Then select the table.

    select table

  • Now MVCdb.edmx has been added to the Model folder.

    model folder

  • Now add an Employee Controller as in the following:

    employee controller

  • Choose "MVC5 Controller with views, using Entity Framework".

    choose mvc5 controller

  • Select Model class and DataContextClass and provide the Controller name Employee.

    selecct model class

  • So now, automatically create an Index, Create, Delete, Edit and Details Views and Controller actions.

    cs program

  • Now run the application (Ctrl+F5).

    run application

  • Click on "Create New".

    create new

  • Add data and click on the Create button.

    add data