Install Hadoop On Windows: Part One

Minimum requirements

  • 8GB RAM
  • 50 GB disc space
  • 64 bit OS
Before installing Hadoop we have to install VM on our local machine. I am going to install Oracle VM virtual box.

Install Oracle VM virtualbox

Step 1: Download exe and run.


Step 2:


Step 3: After installing Oracle VM VirtualBox, open it and create a new VM by clicking New.


In case you can’t find the Ubuntu 64 bit in Version dropdown, then click here and after that Next.

64 bit

In my system I do have 12 GB RAM. It has 11264 MB is free. Default value of memory is 786 MB but normally we assign around 45 to 50% of total available memory and say Next.


Say create.


Say Next.


Say Next.


Minimum size is 8 GB; make it 20 GB and click create. Now the virtual machine is ready for Hadoop.


In the next part we will install Hadoop.