Mohali Chapter Start-Up Event 30 November, 2014: Official Recap

It gives me the immense pleasure to announce one of the newest chapters of C# Corner Chapters, the Mohali chapter. C# Corner is already having chapters running all around the world, including India, U.S.A., Turkey and so on, that are organizing successful events and webinars. To add to the list of chapters, I have been provided with an opportunity to start the Mohali chapter. Learn more about C# Corner Chapters here >

Being the first chapter event of the Mohali chapter, it was a small, invitation-only event, with some very experienced industry experts from Mohali and its near-by areas, who joined the event.

The agenda of the event included:

  1. An introduction to C# Corner.
  2. About the founder of C# Corner, Mahesh Chand
  3. What C# Corner is all about
  4. The sharing and learning is what makes C# Corner a community

On this occasion, I would like to thank Mahesh Chand and Dinesh Beniwal, for providing me the opportunity to start the chapter.

Here are some of the moments from the first event organized as a chapter start event.

Some of the members of the group:

Ritesh Sharma, one of the C# Corner authors and MVP award winner, shared his experiences with the members.

A token of thanks to the attendees for making this good start-up event.

Time for some break.

The group who made the start-up event a successful one and is looking forward to plan future events.

Once again, I would like to thank Mahesh Chand and Dinesh, for providing me the opportunity to start a platform by which we can contribute to the community. And we hope to organize many more events and on a large scale and even online webinars in future.