BCS Using SQL Server in SharePoint 2013

Business Connectivity Services (BCS) provides the centralized infrastructure that enables SharePoint 2013 and Office 2013 to get data from those external systems into a central system.

The following is a step-by-step description of how to connect with a SQL Server External data source.

Step 1

Create a database (say Mydeal) and Product table as in the following:


Step 2

Open SharePoint Designer 2013.

SharePoint designer 2013

Step 3

Connect to your site.

Connect your site

Step 4

Select External Content type.

Step 5

Click on the External Content type in the ribbon.

External Content type

Step 6

In this window the external content type will open in the “Summary view”. Here you have the option to click and change the “Name” .

Summary view

Step 7

Next we need to create the new external content type. Click on the hyperlink ”Click here to discover external data sources and define operations”.

Step 8

Click on the “Add Connection” button to create a new connection.

Add Connection

Step 9

We have three options, either to select .NET type, SQL Server or WCF Service. Select SQL Server for connecting to a SQL Server Database table.

Server Database table

Step 10

Provide the SQL Server Credentials and click the button “OK”.

SQL Server Credentials

Step 11

Now we can see all the tables and views from the selected database.

tables and views

Step 12

Now we have options to create various types of operations against the selected table. In our scenario since we need to perform all the operations. Select “create all operations”.

create all operations

Step 13

Click Next.

Click Next

Step 14

Select parameters configuration and other settings as in the following.

Select parameters configuration

Step 15

Click the Next button.

Step 16

Do the filter parameter configuration and click the Finish button.

filter parameter configuration

Step 17

Now we need to add the new external list. So, click LIST AND LIBRARIES and select External List as in the following.

list and libraries

Step 18

Select the site, external content type and click the button “OK”.

Select the site

Step 19

Enter the list name, description and click the button ”OK”.


Step 20

Go to the site and select all the site contents. The External list will be visible there.

site contents

Step 21

Open the list and make a new entry.

new entry

Step 22

Verify the entry in the back end (SQL Server).



You may encounter permission issues after the completion of the preceding procedure. In this case you need to set the permission for the external list. Go to the SharePoint Central Admin -> Manage Service Application -> Business Data Connectivity Services and select the newly created external content type from the list to set permission.