Out of Box (OOB) Connected WebPart in Office 365


SharePoint provides a large number of features Out of the Box (OOB). A Connected Webpart is one of them in which we can pass a parameter from one webpart to another without writing even a single line of code.

Use the following procedure to create a sample of a connected webpart in Office 365.

Step 1: create two lists for a provider and consumer webpart by selecting the following template.

Step 2: Create a List Category and add some items in the Title as below. This list willl work as the provider web part.

Step 3: Create a another List named items, add category as the lookup column in the list. Add some items to the Title column related to Category as below. This list willl work as the consumer web part.

Step 4: Create a page in the Sitepage library.

Step 5: In the insert Section click Webpart a shown below.

Step 6: Select Apps from Categories and add a Category List.

Step 7: Add another webpart items List Webpart as shown below.

Step 8:
Edit the Category webpart.

Step 9: Select "Connections" -> "Show Row of Data To" -> "Items" as below.

Step 10: A popup will be opened (Choose Connection). Change the connection type to Get Filter Values From as shown below.

Step 11: The popup will be changed to Configure Connection. In this pop-up, you need to select a provider field name (in this case the Title column of the provider) and Consumer field name (in this case Category lookup column from items list).

Step 12: Save the changes made in the page. The page will look as below.

Step 13: Change the category by clicking the arrow. The related items will display in items.


In this article I explained step-by-step how to create connected webpart in Office 365.