Official Recap of Webinar (18-May-2014): Object Oriented Programming With C#

C# Corner Chandigarh Chapter had offered a webinar on Object Oriented Programming on 18th May 2014. This webinar was announced at our official website and there were 170 registrations in just 2 weeks of time. 
The webinar started on time on 18th May at 08:00pm and more than 50+ peole participated in it. Topics covered in this webinar were as per our agenda and were:
  • Class vs Interface
  • Abstraction vs Encapsulation
  • Inheritance and Types of Inheritance in C#
  • Polymorphism and Types of Polymorphism
I would like to thank each attendee and speaker Vithal Wadje for making this webinar a great success. Many attendees were from out of India, and it make us proud to organize such events for real learners without any territory barrier.
Our speaker, Vithal received very good feedback, and he has shared a few with me for you (can see in the following screen shots).