Problem Step Recorder in Windows OS

Problem Step Recorder (PSR) is a great tool for the Windows OS. It can be used to solve other people's problems in Windows. You can first perform that problem solution in your system then using PSR you can capture what you did to solve the problem. It shows the procedure using text and images.

First open Run then press the “Window+R” keys and write “psr” in the TextBox.

clock ok

Click on the Start button and do your work.

steps recorder

Work can be any type that are used for understanding other member for “How to do the same thing again in another system”.

After completed your work press “Stop Record” then you will see a Steps Recorder file as in the following:


In this file when you click using mouse anywhere in System it captures an image, date, time and where you click and click that in use (right/left).

capture image

In this file the procedure is recorded in two ways. The first way is shown above and in the second way the procedure is only defined in text as in the following:

additional detail

If you want to send this file to another person for their understanding then you can do that by saving the file using the Save button.

That will save it in Zip compressed format.

Extract this file then you will get one .mht extension file.


Open this file in Internet Explorer and read all the steps easily.

recorded steps