Publish Android Apps on Google Play Store


First go to this Website. Then login into your Gmail Account.
You will see this Screen:
Then click on “Continue to payment”. Google takes $25 for registration.
Fill in all the information in the following form and provide payment information then click on the following button for payment. 
Payment Information
After doing the payment procedure you will see the Google Play Developer Console page.
Now click on ADD New Application or Publish New Application.
Then a window will open as in the following image:
Popup windows
Enter your Application Title And choose the language of your app and click on Upload APK.
Now upload your Android APK.
Android Apk
Browse to your APK and upload the file. After uploading the APK file if it gives you the error “ZipAlign related Error”. Go to this Webpage and convert your APK file into ZipAlign.
After solving that problem you can upload the app successfully.
Go to the left side menu and click on “Store Listing”.
Store Listing
Fill in all the information and upload the images of your application demo.
Upload Images of your Application
The following figure shows the image upload is used to show an Icon and show a Cover Image of your Android project. 
Image Upload
Fill in all the information correctly about your app and also set the content rating. It is necessary for applying this.
Set Content rating
If all the information is filled in correctly then you will see a Green color checked symbol as in the following figure.
If the Green symbol is not showing then a field is remaining to be filled in. You can check which field is remaining for information.
remaining for information
It helps you for finding the necessary blank field.
And when you fill in the information into a menu then save all the information as a draft because it will save the information for the future if sometime your app Is not ready to be published.
You will then use this information and it will also be used to provide information to complete something depending on the specific menu. Look at the following Image:
Particular menu
Now go to the Content Rating Menu.
Here you can set the Rating system of the Google Play Store.
Set Rating system of Google play Store
The check in the menu again.
Check Again in menu
Now go to the Pricing & Distribution Menu.
Pricing & Distribution Menu
Choose your App is Paid and Free.
Select Distribute Countries for your app that can download your app.
After filling in all the information you will see at the top-right side a Green “Publish App” button as in the following:
publist app
Then click on Publish App. After about an hour your app will be moved into the Google Play Store.

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