Use Bing Places For Business


Bing Places for business is a good facility for showing business quality to customers. Bing provides your business details when customers search for you. It is also used for getting online customers for your business, so it will increase your business to online customers.

The following is the procedure for registering Bing Places for Business.

Step 1

Go to Bing Places for Business then sign into your account.

Bing Places for Business

Step 2

Now fill in the left side form and click on the the search button.

click on search button

Result will be shown depending on your business if already available at your location, but below “Create New Business” button will show.

Step 3

Click on “Create New Business”.

Create New Business

Step 4

Fill in the left side form and then go to the right side link “Move Map Pin”.

Move Map Pin

Click on that link and set the location of your business.

set your location of your business

Step 5

Now click “Next”.

Then fill in the all information about the buniness and go to Next.

Step 6

Click on Submit.

Then you will go to the verification process. If you have an email id of your personal business website, then first choose “Recommended Method”, and then “Alternative Method”. In the Alternative Method, Bing will send a verification PIN number to your given address in 5-10 days.

Recommended Method

Alternative Method

After verification of the business you can increase the productivity of your business and earn lots of money from online customers.

So Bing Places for Business is a great facility for businesses.

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