Add Controls in Access 2013


Microsoft has introduced a new concept in Office 2013. It is the ability to add various controls like Tab Controls, Buttons, CheckBoxes etc. to forms. Their are various properties also through which we can give the name, color etc. Let's take a look at this.

First open the Access 2013 then click on Blank Database and name the database "controls".


From the create menu select the form option. When we click on the form, Access 2013 prompts to save the table; click on yes and give the name of the table like "table1". Then the screen will look like:


Now from the "Form Layout Tools" select the "Design" tab:


In this option the list of controls will be displayed:


Select the Tab Control and drag and drop it into the page. The screen will look like:


Now go to the format option on the right hand side and change the caption property of page6 to "Buttons". Like:


Similarly give the caption property of page7 as "pictures". We can add more pages by clicking on the Insert page option from the design menu. Like:


Give the third page name's caption name "Checkboxes". Now add some buttons into the button tab, images in the pictures tab and checkboxes in the checkboxes tab:


The first red circle shows the button control, second circle shows the checkbox control and the third circle shows the image control. Now when I click on the button tab it looks like:


When the pictures tab is clicked, it looks like:


When the checkboxes tab is clicked, it looks like:


Summary : In this article I explained how to add controls in Access 2013.