Create a PDF/XPS Document in Access 2013


Microsoft has provided new features for making PDF files from an Access file. In order to learn how that works use the steps provided here.
Step 1: First open Access 2013 and select "Blank database" in it and give the name of the access file that you want to create. In this I used "Application" as the name of the database and than click "Create".

Step 2 : Now add a field to your database, like:

Step 3 : You can also create a form for the data by clicking on Create->Form. When we do that, the form is opened like:

 When we click on the next button at the bottom of this screen then the next record form is open like:

 The next record is open like:

 In this order we can open all the records in the form layout view.
Step 4 : Now go to the External Data menu and select PDF/XPS to make the PDF/XPS file; a dialog box is shown in which we give the name of the PDF file that we want to give and than click the Ok button.
Step 5 : Now our PDF file has been created that contains the records in the form layout view, such as:

 If I make the data record in the first table that does not contain the form layout and then click on the PDF/XPS file then the PDF is created as:

Summary : In this article I discussed how to make a PDF file using Access 2013.