Create HTML File Using Access 2013

To generate a HTML File using Access 2013 use the instructions of this article.

Step 1

Open Access 2013, and then select blank database and give the name of the database then click create, as in:


Step 2

Enter some data in your blank database as:


Step 3

Now save your database by pressing Ctrl+S. A window is shown, in it supply the name of your table that you want to give. I used "MyDocument".

Step 4

Now go to the External data menu and click the arrow that shows the more option and select HTML Document in those options, as:


Step 5

A window is shown that shows your HTML file path click ok without changing anything in it, as:


Step 6

Now our HTML file is created. Go to the location of the previous image, a file named "MyDocument.html" exists there. To open this file in Notepad it shows the HTML of this database as:


When I open this file in Internet Explorer the designing of this database is displayed like:



In this way we can generate the HTML file using Access 2013.