Export Text File in Access 2013

In order to export a text file in Access 2013, use the following steps.

 Step 1 : First open the Access 2013 and select the blank database; then give the name of the database that you want to give and click on create.


 Step 2 :  Now go to the External Data menu to select the external files. Now in this select text File.


 Step 3 : When we click on the Text File a window appears, here in order to select the text file click on the browse button.


 Step 4 : A window appears; in it, select your text file that you want to export.


 Step 5 : After that your file is selected the window will appear with the content of text file, like:


 Step 6 : Click next and next then save your text file in any table name. Now your file appears at the right-hand side inside the table that you specified at the time of exporting it.


 Step 7 : Now click on the table in order to read the data of text file in the Access 2013.


 Step 8 : Now in this file we can also edit the content, delete the content and insert new data into it. I made changes in this file like:


 Step 9 : Save the file and use it.