Import HTML File in Our Access 2013 Database

In my previous article I explained how to generate a HTML file using Access 2013. In this article I explain how to import a HTML file into Access 2013. To do so first follow the instruction in my previous article then use the following steps.

Step 1

Open the Access 2013 and select blank database and give the name of your database as "CreateDatabase" and then click "Create", as in:


Step 2

Go to the External Data menu option then select "HTML Document" from the "More" option, as in:


Step 3

A window is shown in this window click on the Browse button to select your previously created HTML file, as in:


Now select your file from the window that is shown.


After selecting your file click ok.

Step 4

A window is shown; click next in this.


Then it will ask for the field names; provide the field names then click next as in:


Now select each row and give the name of each field and click next.

Step 5

Now this document is placed in the right hand side of the access 2013 as:


Step 6

Select this file and the database looks like:



In this article I explained how to import the HTML file into Access 2013.


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