Macros Operations in Access 2013


In this article I will explain how to add or create a macro in Access 2013, and how to create the parameters in a macro and various other operations in macros using Access 2013. To see how they work, let's use the following steps.

Step 1

Open Access 2013 and then select blank page and give the name of your database that you want to give.


Step 2

Now go to the Table menu and click on the arrow on the Named Macro, as:


Step 3

A pop up menu is shown, from this select Create named macro as:


Step 4

A macro window will open which looks like:


Step 5

Now click on the Create parameter link to create the parameter as:


Step 6

Now add some parameters and their description as:


Step 7

Now apply these parameters in the action; first select the if condition from the Add New Action dropdown list as:


Step 8

Give the condition in the if statement and then the structure of the if condition looks like:


Step 9

Select comment from both the if-else action and give the comment, after that the macro will look like:


Step 10

Now save your macro and use it in your table by attaching it in a table.

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