Working with Button Control in Access 2013


Button is a very useful control. Microsoft provides a new feature so that we can use the various controls in Microsoft Office 2013. In this article I am going to explain the various types of buttons in Access 2013. For this use the following steps.

Step 1 : Open the Access 2013, then select blank document and give the name of the document as you want. So that your database is created by that name.

Step 2: Now select the Form option from the create menu; when we do, first the database asks to save the table. In order to do this click on yes and give the name of the table that you want to give.

Step 3: This will create the form of that table name where we add the controls. Now from the Form Layout menu select Design and then choose button control.


Step 4: When we click on button and drag and drop it on the form firstly it will display the button wizard as:


In this the various categories are available and the various actions are also available. The categories of buttons and their actions are as follows.

Record Navigation : This category can be used when we work on any application, for fetching the records, so the various actions on this category are Find Next, Find Record, Go To First Record, Go To Last Record, Go To Next Record and Go To Previous Record. The images of all these actions can also present at their button image. Suppose If I want to add the Find Next action button, so in order to do this click on the Find Next button and then press next button. Then another window appears asking whether you want a picture or a text on the button, in this example I select picture.


We can also select our own picture by using the browse button, click on next; another box appears asking for the name of the button; give whatever name you want. In this way we can add a Find Next button.


In the same way I can add all the button actions of the Record Navigation category so that the buttons look alike. In all of these buttons I select images; if you want text on the button then select text instead of pictures.

Record Operations : This category can perform many action links like Add New Record, Delete Record, Duplicate Record, Print Record, Save Record and Undo Record. The way of adding these action buttons are the same. In this I first take the images of all these actions then the text. This is shown in the following image:


Form Operations : The actions in this category are Apply Form Filter, Close Form, Open Form, Print a Form, Print Current Form and Refresh Form Data. Again the way is the same for adding these buttons. Some of these button's actions will look like:

Report Operations : In this the action's buttons are Mail Report, Open report, Preview Report, Print Report and Send Report to File.

Application : The only action in this is Quit Application which when added looks like:


Miscellaneous : The last category is miscellaneous, under this the action buttons are Auto Dialer, Print Table, Run Macro and Run Query.


Summary : In this article I explained the various types of button controls that we use in Access 2013.


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