Step-by-Step Guide For CyberSource Secure Acceptance


CyberSource is a payment gateway solution for businesses for online payment processing. In this article we will learn how to create an account on CyberSource.


Step 1

Login using CyberSource Test account.


Step 2

After successful Login find the Secure Acceptance in Tools and Settings tab.

Secure Acceptance in Tools

Step 3

Create a profile by clicking on the Create New Button.

create profile

Step 4

Fill in all the required details and click the Save Button.

After successful creation of the profile the user can view all the configuration settings and then click on that profile.

Click General Settings to view the ProfileID and last inserted profile description.

ProfileID and last

Step 5

Click Payment Setting of Profile for configuring the payment.

Click Payment Setting

Step 6

Click Add/Edit Card type and then select all the card types supported in the transaction.

payment setting

Step 7

For a selected card type select the supported currency and CVN related configuration and then save all these settings.


Step 8

After successfully saving Payment Setting, click the Security Tab and then click Create New Key, fill in the form and save.

Create New Key

Step 9

Click the last saved key that shows Access key and Secret key that is used when configuring the Secure Acceptance API in Website.

Secure Acceptance API

Step 10

After saving the Security Settings, click the Payment Form and go through it.

payment form

Step 11

After saving the payment form, click the Customer Response Pages and fill in the URL for the Transaction Response Page and Customer Redirect after checkout (after the Cancel User Redirection link) and then save this setting.

Click Customer Response Pages

Step 12

After saving all the settings click the Promote to Active button and if any error occurs then fill in the required settings. After activating the profile we can use this profile info like ProfileID, Access Key, Secret key, and so on in the Projects' Web.Config file.


Step 13

After configuring this required parameter in the project, if you want to view all the transactions made using this account and/or profile id thne click Secure Acceptance Search on the Transaction Search tab and search based on Search Range and then click the Search Button.

click Search Button

Step 14

After clicking on the Search button you can view the results based on the selected Search Range and debug or track successful as well as failed transactions with details.

failed transaction with details


Previously we saw the Indian Payment gateway Payu Money. This article provided a step-by-step guide to another CyberSource Secure Acceptance Payment Gateway with snapshot for each step. I hope you enjoy.