Base Function in Excel 2013

This is a new function introduced in Excel 2013. This is function is used to convert a number into Text representation with a given Radix or base. In other words it will calculate the number like 102 , 88, 1616  etc. The syntax of this function is as follows: =Base(number,radix). Here we can see that The Base function takes two arguments, the first is number and the second is Radix. Here the number represents the number to which we want to represent in the text representation with a given radix and the radix specifies the base value on the basis of which we want to represent the Text.

Let's have a look at the following example:

Step 1

First go to Excel 2013.

Step 2

Now select the blank workbook template from the available templates:


Step 3

Now write the following numbers and their radix value:


Step 4

Now write the formula of the base function like this:


Step 5

The output will be like this:


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