How to Save Document on Cloud in Word 2013

In this article I am explaining how to save documents in Microsoft Word 2013. We have three ways to save documents in Microsoft Word 2013. We can save our document to the hard disk of the computer in a folder or we can save to a cloud location or we can save to another place. When we will click on the file menu option we will see the save option there.

Let's have a look at the following steps to save the document:

  1. First open Microsoft Office 2013.
  2. Then select the "Blank document" template from the available templates:

  3. Now create a document and click on File menu option:

  4. Now click on the Save option:

  5. A window will appear like the following and select the SkyDrive option from it:

  6. If you does not have a Windows Live Id then click on the Sign up link:

  7. Otherwise if you have Windows Live ID then click on the SingIn button as shown below:

  8. Now the following window will appear and now give your id and password and click on the SignIn button:

  9. Now your SkyDrive folder is open; to set the location of your document just click on the browse button:


  10. Now enter the file name and click on the save button to save it:


Now your document will be saved in the cloud from where you can access it from anywhere.

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