New User Interface of Word 2013

We have seen that the Microsoft Office 2013 User Interface (UI) is not markedly different from the Microsoft Office 2010 UI. In it there is the front and center view ribbon although the size of the icons are a bit larger and are farther apart. These kinds of changes benefit from the larger size monitors and touch screen displays. There is also a new feature in the ribbon in which the title bar has a new design and if we want to we can customize the design of the title bar. There is also a new feature for the ribbon style such that in the top most right hand side it is possible to switch the account or to do account setting without going to the Control Panel.

Let's have a look at the following steps:

  1. Go to Microsoft Office 2013.
  2. Now select the blank document template from the available templates:

  3. Now look at the ribbon style and compare it with Office 2010; we will see a little bit of difference:

  4. Now note that in the top most right hand side the account author name is given:

  5. An arrow is shown just beside the author name; click it and we will see that the account settings option is given:

  6.  Now click on the Account settings option; a window will appear like this:

  7. In this window we can change the Office Background as shown below or we can add the services in our document:

  8. We can also remove our account by clicking on the Remove link shown in front of your account but before removing it we just need to note that we must have another account in our Operating System or Windows.

  9. In it we can also get the information of the product which we are using and if we want we can change the product key by clicking on the change product key option:


In the Ribbon style there is also the facility to hide the ribbon. To do this, just click on the document; the ribbon will automatically hide and if we want to show it just click on the top of the screen and it will be shown again.

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