Object Zooming in Word 2013

Object Zooming is a new feature introduced in Microsoft Word. It means while in the read mode we can zoom the objects like tables, chart or pictures by just double-clicking on them. The important point here is that during read mode we can zoom the images, tables or chart. The object zooming is useful when we want to see the objects larger. To close the popup just click outside the object and the object will return to its normal size.

Let's have a look at the following steps:

  1. Go to Microsoft Word 2013.
  2. Now select the Blank Document Template from the available templates.

  3. Now make a document and insert some images in it.

    To insert the images follow these steps:

    • Just select the insert tab.

    • picture1.jpg

    • Select Pictures option from it.

    • picture2.jpg

    • Now select the location of the image.

    • picture3.jpg

    • Just click on insert button.


    • An image will be inserted like this.


  4. Now to see the object zooming just click on Read mode button as shown below.

  5. Now double-click on the image and the image will be zoomed like this:

  6. If we want to see the image larger then just click on the arrow showing just beside the image.

  7. By clicking on this arrow the image will look like this:

  8. If we want the image to return to its normal size then we will click just outside the image and the image will return to its normal size like this: